We provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and latest technology available to create custom printed labels that enhance your brand and meet your product’s specific needs.

How Do You Choose a Label Company?

Choosing the right label company can be daunting. Capabilities and location may be important, but quality and precision are critical. That’s why we do so much more than printing. Does your specialty product require labels in custom shapes and sizes?  How about specialty labels for tamper-evident or environmental needs? We have in-house label applications, including hand applications. Our employees’ attention to detail and pride in their work produce the highest quality packaging for your products.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels easily stick to containers, bottles, and packaging across industries–with a wide range of materials, coatings, and finishes to bring your package to life just as you envisioned. Sure Lock Packaging offers complete customization. As your packaging partner, we’ll work to understand your product needs to design a perfect-fit label.

  • Material Choices: Match your aesthetic and print on paper, film, foil, or premium stocks.
  • Inks: Embolden your design with metallic, Pantone, UV, or water-based inks for your label text.
  • Size and Shape: Fit your container and select from various unwinds for label application needs.
  • Embellishments: Create depth, texture, and shine with embossing or foil stamping.
  • Finishes: Matte, semi-gloss, or gloss finishes protect your label in its intended application.
  • Printing Options: Digital provides rapid turnarounds for short runs, while flexographic is cost-effective for large orders.
  • Variable Adhesives: Choose from permanent or removable adhesives depending on your product needs. Labeling small pop-top tubes requires an adhesive that will keep the labels in place so they don’t peel up.

Extended Content Labels

Extended content labels (ECLs) give you more room to tell your brand story. Ideal for educating consumers, ECLs increase packaging space to convey in-depth information, drive sales with promotions and leave an impression with engaging branded content. It can be a struggle to include all the compliance information, ingredient lists, and instructions; With ECLs, your label’s possibilities just got an extension.

Booklet Labels

Booklet labels use bound or folded inserts to pack extensive information into a small area and achieve maximum branded content. This is a great way to include safety and dosage information, share recipes, or include content in multiple languages. The possibilities are endless.

Peel-and-Reseal Labels

Peel-and-reseal labels have a hinge and provide up to five pages of art and text with multiple colors. Develop a custom ECL to share more information and tell your consumers what they need to know when space is limited.  Great for boosting sales by adding suggested product uses and educating shoppers.

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct thermal labels are cost-effective labels made using a thermal print head to heat specific areas of the coated thermo-chromatic paper selectively. The paper runs through a thermal print head and turns black when it is heated, printing the desired image or text. 

Direct thermal labels are ideal for printing QR and batch information on-demand using a thermal printer at your location. Other common applications include barcodes, coupons, compliance labels, pick orders, and event tickets.

We produce thermal labels either on rolls or sheets. We can create custom thermal labels sized for your container or application needs.  

A variety of different rolls of labels stacked on each other.

We’ve Got Customized Packaging Solutions for Your Brand

Whether you need rapid turnaround on large orders, cost-effective small runs, or help to find a unique solution for your marijuana brand; we can guide you. Sure Lock offers a wide range of customizations, from high-quality printing effects to tactile finishes.