Cannabis Packaging By Product

Making the right choice for your product’s packaging should be considered early in development. State regulation, humidity, and light all affect how your consumers will interact with your product. Each product is unique in their packaging needs, cannabis products especially.

Collage of custom printed products including preroll cases, tincture bottles, tin containers and product boxes.

Think Outside the Bag!

Sure Lock Packaging doesn’t deal in bags… Single use bags are environmentally unfriendly and have become a standard low cost choice for the industry. Here at our shop, we do our best to guide clients towards making eco-friendly packaging choices that still fit within your budget. Make a statement to your customers that your product deserves better packaging because it’s a better product!


Coated papers, silicone & glass packaging are great choices for cannabis concentrates. Coated paper are cost effective but often require exterior packaging and offer little leak protection. Silicone is an excellent nonstick choice and can be customized with logos and color. Glass offers sturdy protection and a strong vapor barrier for long-term storage. Syringes can also be reliable packaging depending on the viscosity of your product.

Recommended Items: EBottles 9ml Concentrate Jar, AP Matchbox w/ silicone/paper inserts.


Keep them pretty and keep them safe! Like flower, you’ll need to pay close attention to keeping your product intact and fresh all the way to your customers hands. Your choice of edible packaging relies heavily on your products fragility. Does your product need refrigeration? If so the packaging and labels will also need to stand up to changing environmental needs.

Recommended Items: AP AssurTin collection, Crativ Containers


The ideal packaging choice for flower has a strong vapor barrier and minimizes light exposure. Bulky plastic & glass drams offer the best protection for cannabis flower and are excellent for long term storage.

Recommended Items: STO Responsible Collection, E Bottles Drams


Consider long term use of your packaging after your product has been used. Offering your customers a quality pre-roll case that is easy to use will continue being used for years. Imagine having a little billboard in the pockets of each customer!

Recommended Items: PAQ Cases, STO Tubes


Maximizing user convenience, and ease of use are the most important considerations for your topical products. Not only do you need to offer a quality product, you need to offer your customers simple use throughout its contents longevity.

Recommended Items: Glass Drams, Pump/Spray bottles, Dropper Bottles


Bottles & cans rule the beverage packaging space because of their trusted quality and price point. Custom beverage cartons can be a unique way to make your product stand out in the crowd. Shrink wrapping is the best choice for custom shaped packaging and has great scratch resistance and temperature durability. Labels are the most common packaging decoration for beverages; make sure your labels will withstand the environment in which they will be stored.

Recommended Items: Brights & Ends (coming soon!)

Custom printed boxes and bottles for CBD tinctures.

Need help choosing the right packaging for your product?

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