Cannabis Packaging

To put it bluntly, the cannabis market is smoking hot right now! Make sure your products stand out in a competitive marketplace with unique, high-quality, customized package designs made specifically for cannabis products.

Leave an Impression in the Cannabis Market

Whether you are starting a new cannabis business or overcoming challenges in your existing business, establishing yourself in this evolving market with a strong retail presence through packaging is important. We combine our skills with cannabis industry savvy to help green brands grow.

We tailor our packaging solutions to your environment, mitigating risks, reducing costs, and improving velocity to market. As a result, you gain a competitive advantage by saving time and improving your packaging.

We Have Packaging Solutions for All Your Cannabis Products

  • Flower
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Cartridges
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Beverages
  • Topicals
  • Extracts

Sure Lock can help you put a solid packaging plan in place early in your product launch planning. 

Is Your Packaging Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Many factors throughout your packaging program affect your company’s bottom line. Sure Lock can help you develop a strategic plan for your packaging. Sourcing your packaging, how it flows from the cultivators to the dispensaries, and maximizing your logistical footprint are just a few examples of how Sure Lock can help you maximize your packaging investment while creating an optimal customer experience.

  • Do you have five different sizes of odor-proof packages when only three would suffice? 
  • Are the materials and package design you are using compliant with local and federal regulations? 
  • How can you optimize your packaging design to save money? 

We ask these questions and more. We want to ensure your packaging program meets your business goals so you can focus on increasing profitability.

Blending Design With Brand Strategy and Beyond

Sure Lock has helped grow marijuana brands from the ground up, from cultivators to dispensaries to distributors and suppliers. Exceptional design can influence how customers view and interact with your products. For this reason, we offer a broad range of design services to advance your brand’s vision. 

Whether starting from the ground up or refreshing your look, we analyze all aspects of your brand to maximize your business potential and translate your vision throughout every step.

We Have a Holistic Vision for Your Packaging Program

From branding to production to retail, we tailor your cannabis packaging program to fit your business’s unique needs. Our process provides structure to your creative ideas. We brainstorm, design, prototype, analyze, and source our way through your project. We go the extra mile to help you tackle your challenges and implement your brand strategy through your packaging.

Sure Lock Packaging works with cultivators, dispensaries, distributors, and suppliers to deliver thoughtful packaging that reflects your values and grows your brand. Our trusted network can support projects of all sizes.

Tell Your Brand’s Story Through Packaging Decoration

Sure Lock cares deeply about your product’s appearance on the retail shelf and online storefront. Our experienced team will consult with and guide you as you decide which materials, papers, finishes, and colors to use in your packaging. All of these come together to produce a first impression that speaks volumes. We create beautiful packaging that showcases your product so it stands out from the competition.

Low-Volume Printing Saves You Money

Cannabis regulations change quickly. So, it is wise to run small batches of packaging decorations so you can easily pivot along with those changes. Our in-house label application and other decorating services are available in low volumes at reasonable costs. We also offer hand-application of labels. Our employees’ attention to detail and pride in their work produces the highest quality packaging.

Warehousing Enables You To Buy Custom Product Packaging in Bulk

Although you may want to decorate packaging in smaller batches as needed, it is far more cost-effective to buy your inventory in bulk. With Sure Lock, you can do both! We offer warehouse space where you can store your extra list. 

Our warehousing provides a variety of storage options. Do you need shelf space for a box? You’ve got it! We also offer space for pallets or even full truckloads of inventory. With warehousing space, you can buy your packaging in bulk, saving you money. At Sure Lock Packaging, we offer flexible terms from month-to-month to annual. 

Product package of Dosies cannabis infused mints.

Does Your Cannabis Product Make a Good First Impression?

Sure Lock Packaging creates beautiful CR-certified packaging that will look great on a retail shelf or online storefront. We take the time to ensure it feels just as good in the customer’s hands. More importantly, we offer guidance on local and federal regulations. Our experience is your best packaging asset.