Graphic Design

You need powerful branding to establish and grow your business. Strong graphic design is the foundation of branding.

Branding on Your Packaging Is As Important as the Product

Packaging is often the first interaction a consumer will have with your product. You want to make that first impression a good one. Sure Lock Packaging’s design team is dedicated to establishing fresh, innovative, financially savvy designs that reflect your product’s potential.

Sure Lock Wants You to Succeed in Competitive Markets

We can help you reach your brand’s true potential with thoughtful design. Establishing the proper branding may even attract influential investors for growth. Your consumer base will grow as your branding gains a foothold in the market while organically gaining brand ambassadors who tell their friends and followers why they can’t live without your product. It will also stimulate repeat purchases. Strong branding makes your product easy to find because of brand recognition.

Sure Lock Helps You Avoid Common Graphic Design Pitfalls

Don’t lose money and time with amateur designers or get bogged down with endless revisions: Sure Lock’s design team can guide you through the process. Before we ever start designing, we take the time to understand what your brand represents and how we can meet your needs. This is the difference between basic design and brand execution. Don’t settle for anything less!

Your Packaging Directly Reflects Your Company’s Values

Sure Lock’s design team creates packaging graphics that promote your product lines while respecting your budget. We spend the time needed to understand your branding needs, requirements, goals, and limitations to ensure our services meet your needs at all phases of growth.

How Much Do Graphic Design Services Cost?

With Sure Lock Packaging’s graphic design services, you can choose from an hourly rate or one of our discounted packages based on your upcoming project needs.  Hours purchased are dedicated to the time our design team is working on files, and expire after 10 months. Within reason, communication such as calls, texts, and email exchanges will not count toward hours purchased.  

4-Hour Package


Perfect for a brand extension or package layout with existing Branding in place. Ideal for two package design layouts, with up to 3 revisions*, and a 7-10 work day turnaround.

8-Hour Package


Original Branding development. Or Package line extension or redesign for more than four package design layouts, with up to 3 revisions*, and a 12-30 work day turnaround.

We Have In-House Photography Services

Product photography is one of the quickest ways to market what your package will look like, even before the final shipment is sent out. This sneak peek at your packaging will increase your speed to the market dramatically. Our in-house photographer and photo editor will save you time and money.

Woman holding tablet with Your New Logo in cursive on the tablet. Paint chips, colored pencils and a color wheel can be seen in the background.

Your Packaging Should Look As Good as the Product Inside

You’ve invested in your business by getting your product to market. Now make sure it looks incredible on the retail shelf or online storefront. Establish strong branding by partnering with Sure Lock’s graphic design team.