Medium Click-Clack Tins


These click-clack tins are a great solution for smaller product packaging! This Click-Clack 55 Tin has a glossy white or metallic silver finish and measures 2.13″ diameter x 0.75″ thick. The way they open and close is unique and interesting to consumers. Great size as a promotional gift to promote your product by giving customers samples of salves, emollients, or balms.

Sold in sets of 6, 25, 50, 100, 250 or cases of 500.

These click-clack tins are delightful! The medium sized tins measure 2.13″ diameter x 0.75″ thick or 55 mm x 17 mm and come in Glossy White or Metallic Silver. The way they open and close is unique and interesting to consumers. You open the tins by pressing middle of the top down, which makes the slotted sides around the top open and release it easily from the bottom. You close the tin by simply replacing the top and pinching the slotted sides gently to make them snap back into shape around the bottom securely. Very easy to operate and yet different enough to delight.

Because of their size and unique opening and closing they make a great product tin. They are perfect as Wedding Favors, Party Favors, or filled for any gift occasion. They can hold candies, lozenges, pastilles, dried herbs, tobacco, travel candles, lip balms, hand creams, or other balms and emollients. These click-clack containers are also great for packaging earrings, a necklace, or other jewelry sets as they offer secure storage and organization for home or travel. This tin is recyclable and has many uses after its first use, making it an excellent ecological choice.

Additional Click-Clack 55 Tin features:

  • Strong, durable tin ideal for both products and jewelry.
  • Perfect size for carrying in pocket, purse, or backpack.

Product Specifications:

  • Container Manufacture: Sure Lock Packaging
  • Manufacture Country of Origin: China
  • Click-Clack 55 Tin Dimensions: 2.13″ diameter x 0.75” thick
  • Color Options: Glossy White, Metallic Silver
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes

Sold in sets of 6, 25, 50, 100, 250 or case of 500.


Silver, White