JPAQduo™ 2 Preroll Case


The JPAQduo™ offers more compact storage with custom labels to showcase your brand. This black or white finish JPAQduo case holds up to 2 king-size prerolls (98-110mm). It is crush proof, child resistant certified, waterproof and won’t set off metal detectors.

Sold in cartons of 500.

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One for now and one for later. One for you and one for me. The JPAQduo™, our smallest and most discreet preroll case, fits comfortably into your daily routine so you can live your best life every day. The black or white finish case fits up to 2 king-size prerolls (98-110mm) and is the perfect companion for those outings where less is more. Plus, it’s recyclable, certified child resistant, and keeps odors in so you can feel good about using it.

Additional JPAQduo Case Features:

  • Discreet, modern design that is pocket sized.
  • Rubber gasket to keep out moisture/debris and keep prerolls fresh.
  • (CRC) Child-Resistant certified.
  • Odor Resistant: Keeps the smells and terpenes in, and the questions out.
  • Humidity Control: stays fresh twice as long as the competition when used in combination with a humidity-control device.

Product Specifications

  • Container Manufacture: PAQ Case
  • Manufacture Country of Origin: China
  • JPAQduo™ Case Dimensions: 4.75″ x 1.25″ x 0.5″
  • Color Options: Black or White
  • Preroll Size: Up to a King Size (98-110mm)
  • Preroll Count: 2 Two
  • Carton Qty: 500
  • Minimum Order Qty: 2 Cartons (1,000 qty)
  • Maximum Online Order Qty: 48 Cartons (24,000 qty)
  • JPAQduo™ Material: Polypropylene Impact Copolymer
  • Child Resistant Certifications: Yes View Certificate
  • Material Certifications: Polypropylene FDA Contaminant Testing, TPE FDA Contaminant Testing, Silicone FDA Contaminant Testing, Third Party Microbiological Examination of Containers
  • Factory ISO Certifications: ISO 13485- Medical Devices, ISO 9001:2015- Plastic Parts
  • Recyclable: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes
Carton Quantity



Black, White

Child Resistance

Child Resistant

Black JPAQduo
Cartons: 2-4 Cartons: 5-9 Cartons: 10-19 Cartons: 20-29 Cartons: 30-48
Unit Price: $0.47 $0.45 $0.43 $0.41 $0.40
Carton Price (500 qty): $233.85 $224.10 $214.55 $206.85 $197.65
White JPAQduo
Cartons: 2-4 Cartons: 5-9 Cartons: 10-19 Cartons: 20-29 Cartons: 30-48
Unit Price: $0.52 $0.50 $0.48 $0.47 $0.45
Carton Price (500 qty): $261.46 $251.41 $241.56 $233.71 $224.21

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